High end metering for Independence Hub

Roxar’s WetGas meter and SandMonitor critical for multi-field GOM development.

On the basis that ‘you can‘t manage what you can’t measure,’ Anadarko, operator of the Independence Hub (IDH), is to deploy Roxar’s subsea WetGas meter and SandMonitor on the $2 billion Independence Hub (IDH) in the Gulf of Mexico.


The IDH will facilitate the development of multiple ultra-deepwater gas discoveries in the eastern Gulf of Mexico. Gas fraction monitoring is important for allocation and to avoid gas hydrate formation. The WetGas meter uses microwave-based dielectric measurements for real-time measurement of hydrocarbon flow rates and water production.


The subsea SandMonitor attaches to the outside of a pipeline just downstream of an elbow, where the san particles hit the inside of the pipe wall due to the change in flow direction. The device then detects the impact of sand particles acoustically.


Meter calibration leverages digital signal processing and velocity measurements from the wet gas meter. The combination of measurement devices will allow Anadarko to operate each well ‘aggressively’ near the limit of water production.


The metering technology has also been deployed on the Barents Sea Snohvit development where the WetGas meter is used to mitigate pipeline corrosion. IDH partners are Dominion Exploration, Hydro and Devon.

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