POSC ProdML/Production SIG meet

ProdML integrates the POSC/Energistics Production Operations SIG—2007 program sketched out.

Alan Doniger (POSC/Energistics) enumerated likely priorities for 2007 as network modeling and optimization, more well types and more optimization including remote monitoring and diagnostics, closer integration of ProdML and WitsML, production reporting and tracking new developments in web services and SCADA/ OPC Foundation standards.

ProdML V1.0

ProdML V1 was officially released on November 15th following a short public review. Jerry Blaker (IBM) described the process that had led to this timely release. ProdML’s scope targeted a business requirement in real need of a data exchange standards. Uses cases were designed to solve real and relatively complex business problems by assembling existing commercial applications into a composite application with the required functionality (see last month’s Journal).

De Vries

Invensys’ Stan De Vries outlined one of the likely projects for 2007—the network model. To date, ProdML’s scope has been restricted to actions taking place between the data historian and downstream applications. The plan now is to extend ProdML’s scope to include direct links to SCADA. A ‘network model’ will serve data of ‘appropriate granularity’ to applications—enabling ‘as needed’ data flows. By extending ProdML’s scope upstream of the Historian, detailed information will be available for equipment optimization—with summary levels of information for field-wide optimization.

Meta Object Facility

The network model plans to leverage the Object Management Group’s ‘meta object facility’ (MOF) and the W3C’s Web Services Modeling Ontology (W3C WSMO). One possibility will be the use of a ProdML XML file of the network model linked into a fluid flow simulator possibly leveraging Web Services Modeling Language to combine and or decompose models as required and to bridge domain boundaries such as gas lift and production. Models at different granularities (compressor, well etc.) can be aggregated to facilities and combined into an overall flow model.

ProdML 07 Workgroup

This ProdML 07 Work Group encapsulates the concept of conducting an ‘annual, concentrated effort’ to demonstrate expanded capabilities for POSC Production Standards. The results will be showcased at the 2007 SPE Conference. High-level business objectives for the workgroup will be decided by the Steering Committee. POSC is looking for funding of between $75 and $100k from members.

Strong typing

The public review elicited a fair amount of feedback, ‘mostly positive.’ The group commissioned a critical review of its SOA infrastructure implementation from a third party. The result of this was the addition of strong typing to the specification as opposed to the loosely typed web services of the original specification. Strongly typed services make for greater confidence in the integrity of a connection.

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