POSC rebrand

The Petrotechnical Open Standards Consortium is now ‘Energistics.’ CEO Randy Clark and chairman Jon Lewis explain why.

Around 180 turned out for the rebranding of the Petrotechnical Open Standards Consortium (POSC) as ‘Energistics’ reflecting ‘a new goal of executing a market-focused business strategy.’ Energistics will develop common information and data standards and is to facilitate a global community of open standards users. POSC has also ‘rebranded’ its HQ as the Energy Standards Resource Centre (ESRC).


President and CEO Randy Clark, explained, ‘The ESRC will provide real bottom-line value to the upstream. As the facilitator for development, adoption and deployment of data and information-transfer standards, we will work to improve information exchange and increase business-process efficiencies. We will ensure that standards are market-driven and produce clear business value.’


Jon Lewis, (Halliburton and Energistics chairman) added, ‘Standardization can add millions of dollars of value in the area of production optimization alone. With Energistics’ inclusive membership, we have a unique opportunity to capture this value.’ See also our interview with Clark on page 3 of this issue.

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