Detection and monitoring for SPR

ECSI to provide high end security and perimeter protection for US Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

The US Department of Energy (DOE) is finalizing deployment of Electronic Control Security Inc.’s (ECSI) technology at four Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) facilities in Louisiana and Texas. The DOE plans to fill the SPR to capacity and to ‘aggressively protect them’ with ECSI’s Intrusion Detection and Monitoring System (IDMS). This includes intrusion detection and alarms from a wide range of sensors. Redundant servers, stand-by systems and dual ‘counter rotating’ fiber optic Ethernet offers resistance to single point of failure.


ECSI president Arthur Barchenko said, ‘Our business is to provide security solutions to prevent infiltration and guard against terrorist activities. We are very proud to have been chosen to help protect the perimeter integrity of these sensitive and important assets.’ The $8.5 million project was initiated in 2002 and is 90% complete. ECSI has also received a $1 million contract to secure Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) facilities in Texas.

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