ToolWatch for Exxon Nigeria unit

Chemical tags and inventory management system to combat ‘rampant’ theft.

IDGlobal has fulfilled the first series of orders from ToolWatch to provide ExxonMobil unit Mobil Producing Nigeria (MPN) with technology to minimize ‘asset losses’ from its warehouses which have a value of over $100 million. ToolWatch is to deploy IDGlobal’s theft prevent technologies to secure MPN’s $100 million inventory of assets including computers, oil pumps and electrical supplies. These are now protected with a ‘forensic identification system.’

Rampant theft

MPN is seeking to combat Nigeria’s ‘rampant theft’ with the energy-sensitive molecular tagging system. A ‘taggant’ is applied to an item that penetrates the surface and forms a chemical bond with the substrate. The marking is invisible to the human eye, but can be read with a handheld scanner. Conspicuous signage provides an additional level of defense.


ToolWatch provides tool-tracking and management systems, combining data collection devices and a tool database system. The technology tracks equipment inventory in the office and field. Billing, purchasing and theft prevention functions are included.

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