1,400km of Tyco’s fiber for BP GOM operations

$80 million project to provide robust, regional communications network for up to 64 platforms.

BP America has selected Tyco Telecommunications to lay a 1400km undersea fiber optic cable in the Gulf of Mexico. The high bandwidth system links production facilities to BP’s ‘Advanced Collaborative Environment (ACE)’ centers in Houston. Initially, the Marlin, Horn Mountain, Na Kika, Thunder Horse, Atlantis, Mad Dog and Holstein platforms will be online with an upgrade potential of up to 64 platforms.


The 2005 hurricane season proved ‘challenging’ for traditional communications. With ‘long haul’ undersea telecommunications technologies, each platform is connected to a branch of the deep water trunk. Optical multiplexing gives each platform direct optical connectivity to two landing stations, ensuring continued operations, independent of any other platform during hurricane events.


Kenny Lang, BP VP Gulf of Mexico said, ‘This $80 million investment will allow early evacuation of our offshore staff whilst keeping critical energy supplies flowing. During routine operations, the fiber optic network will allow both of BP’s new technology centers to remotely apply high level technical expertise to our offshore producing facilities.’

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