Production Access, Petris team on real time

DrillNET to integrate PA’s Operations Center, combining drilling and production data products.

Production Access (PA) and Petris Technology are to integrate PA’s Operations Center with Petris’ PetrisWINDS DrillNET. The combination of drilling and well data products promises ‘enhanced data access and reuse while improving overall quality and operational safety.’ The collaboration will combine Petris’ technical expertise management with PA’s financial and operational data management.

Operations Center

PA’s Operations Center is a data management system for drilling and production operations. DrillNET adds a planning capability for drilling program design and execution, including the ability to view data while drilling for near real-time decision making.


PA CEO John Yurkanin said, ‘This cooperation will give customers a significant enhancement to drilling workflow and overall well data management. Petris’ engineering and technical experience of drilling and wellbore data management will provide customers with a fully integrated solution to support their operations.’

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