‘Industrial strength’ archival for PARS

Archivas and Enigma Data Solutions roll out joint Hierarchical Storage Management for oil and gas.

Archivas and Enigma Data Solutions have just announced a Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) solution targeting oil and gas digital archiving and information management. The HSM links Archivas’ Cluster (ArC) archiving solution with Enigma’s PARS data management package. The joint solution claims to assist oil and gas companies with Sarbanes-Oxley reporting.


Enigma VP Tim Bowler said, ‘PARS is now an industry standard for archiving project data from geotechnical applications. The new solution adds industrial strength archival for both disk and tape data. ArC takes PARS archives and stores them securely, adding automatic replication and a powerful search functionality.’


Enigma has also just announced PARS 3, a major rewrite in Java for cross platform deployment. PARS now archives Kingdom and Petrel projects, capturing metadata to its own database. PARS has had a checkered history since it was developed by PECC. Subsequent ownership has migrated from CGG to SmartMove before a management buyout in June 2005.

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