JOA rolls-out Jewel .NET dev kit

Petrel is not the only .NET show in town. JOA’s Jewel Suite has similar scope and now sports an API.

Netherlands-based JOA Oil & Gas has just announced the imminent commercial release of a software development kit (SDK) for its Jewel Suite, ‘seismic to simulation’ modeling package. The SDK is already used internally by JOA to integrate Jewel with the Sensor reservoir simulator from Coats Engineering. The SDK will allow users and other third parties to build their own plug-ins, using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005—with support for Visual C# and Visual Basic.


Bob Rundle showed us the Jewel Suite SDK at the SEG using the C# visual development environment. Jewel Suite components such as the workflow control panel container can be customized by dragging and dropping workflow steps onto the canvas. Computations can be added, leveraging Jewel’s units management system.


JOA’s Albequerque development center offers certification to third party plug-in developers who can add their own databases and applications to a Jewel workflow. Prototype development is also possible from within Microsoft Excel. JOA is working on a template that will embed the Sensor reservoir simulator. Jewel Suite is now also OpenSpirit ‘certified’.

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