Apache selects Enterprise Engineer

Apache and Perenco deploy McLaren Software’s lifecycle engineering content management solution.

Apache Corp. has chosen McLaren Software’s Enterprise Engineer Application Suite to manage engineering content across its worldwide assets. Enterprise Engineer (EE) is a suite of configurable business applications that manages engineering content and associated work processes. EE provides lifecycle content management for CAD drawings, standard operating procedures, correspondence, email and specifications.


Apache Corp. CTO Mike Bahorich explained, ‘We selected EE to automate our business processes for managing engineering documentation; including ‘as built’ designs and standard operating procedures within and across business boundaries. EE is to automate existing manual processes, creating economies of scale in the management of our capital assets. Our first implementation is in the UK North Sea.’


Earlier this year, Franco-British oil company Perenco deployed EE to manage engineering documents on its UK North Sea Trent development. EMC Documentum was Perenco’s repository of choice, with EE adding business process and engineering content management. Perenco’s Robbie Shields said, ‘EE gave us rapid deployment of configurable applications for engineering content and process control.’


Previously, Microsoft Word was used in a ‘manual’ review process. EE now provides default document types, dialogs, automatic numbering, filing, project control and process automation. EE’s Transmittals application underpins the review and the distribution of content to third parties. McLaren Studio is being used to configure the XML business rules within Enterprise Engineer. The transmittal process also offers an electronic audit trail of documents as they proceed from review to repository. Time limits can be set for review and reminders sent out to reviewers as deadlines approach.

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