Control loop reaches downhole

WellDynamics and Landmark to couple asset modeling with downhole ‘SmartWell’ technology.

WellDynamics is a joint venture between Shell and Halliburton. So news that it has ‘teamed’ with Halliburton’s Landmark unit is not exactly earth shattering. But the technology to be shared between Halliburton’s ‘smart well’ unit and its software arm is pretty interesting. Landmark is to contribute AssetSolver—the marriage of Pavilion Technologies’ model-based controller package (Oil ITJ Vol. 11 N°4) with Landmark’s DecisionSpace for Production. WellDynamics is bringing its SmartWell techology to the table. The idea is to optimize SmartWell’s fine-grained control of producing zones using AssetSolver.


Landmark’s VP Doug Meikle said, ‘Today, operators can build models of an asset. But without the ability to control what happens downhole, this knowledge cannot be fully leveraged. Combining these technologies gives operators the knowledge they need and the ability to act on it.’

Neural Net

AssetSolver performs multiple runs of steady state models, generating ranges of values that are used to train a neural net-based optimizer. Sub models (such as WellSolver) can be included to create a complete model of the production system. Models can be used to perform front end engineering design (FEED) or to ‘monitor, forecast, and optimize well behavior and production for individual wells and across entire gathering networks.’


WellDynamics hardware is used to control downhole flow and to manage complex recovery methods such as chemical flooding, miscible displacement and thermal recovery. WellDynamics VP Derek Mathieson added, ‘WellDynamics gives our users unprecedented control of what happens below the surface. The joint solution will give them the information they need to use our tools and systems to control their wells and to meet goals like NPV, ultimate recovery or short term production.’

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