Hydro, Foster Findlay team on software

New advanced seismic volume interpretation blends multi-frequency data to 3D image.

Hydro and Foster Findlay Associates (FFA) have just announced a new seismic interpretation toolset for advanced volume interpretation. Hydro AVI enables rapid reconnaissance of large 3D seismic data sets, delineation and measurement of potential reservoirs and identification of hydrocarbon indicators.


FFA has been cooperating with Hydro since 2004 when the companies first announced the R&D effort (OITJ Vol. 9 N° 4). The project has developed tools for analyzing ‘multiple frequencies within the seismic data’ and blending them into a single 3D image. The results have been tested Hydro’s operations.


Hydro’s AVI tools will be available from FFA as components of the January 2007 release of SVI Pro, FFA’s flagship product for processing and analysis of 3D seismic data.

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