RFID patents licensed for oil sector

Den-Con’s surface acoustic wave technology to extend RFID to high temperature and pressure.

X-Change Corp. unit AirGate Technologies has licensed sixteen patents relating to radio frequency identification device (RFID) tags for tracking oilfield equipment inventory from Den-Con Electronics. The tags include drilling, production and work-over equipment, tubulars, valves, and plant equipment. The agreement also lets AirGate use Den-Con’s surface acoustic wave (SAW) RFID technology. SAW RFID devices are suited to high temperature and pressure environments and work in the presence of liquid and metals—common conditions in the oil industry.


AirGate president Michael Sheriff said, ‘This patent portfolio, in tandem with our advanced SAW technology, significantly strengthens our competitive position and supports our RFID effort in the oil industry.’ Earlier this year AirGate signed an agreement for sale and support of SAW RFID systems with Austria-based CTR AG.’

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