Petris integrates Maurer tools in ‘DrillNET’

Drilling toolkit repackaged with PetrisWINDS, adding collaboration support and data reuse.

Following its acquisition of Maurer software last June, Petris has now added a ‘user-friendly, multi-language interface’ to Maurer’s drilling toolkit, repackaging the software as ‘PetrisWINDS’ DrillNET’. DrillNET combines Maurer’s drilling programs into an integrated package that permits data to be captured, reused and shared among users.


Based on Microsoft .NET, DrillNET’s integrated database is coupled with context-sensitive help and a novel ‘traffic light’ approach that checks that all data is complete for a calculation. Reports can be exported to Microsoft Office products. DrillNET has been localized in English, Russian, Spanish and Chinese.


Petris CEO Jim Pritchett said, ‘DrillNET represents a significant advance in usability for drilling engineering. Clients told us that they need a solution that lets them collaborate and reuse drilling programs while making it possible to bring new personnel up to speed faster and with better performance.’

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