DrillingInfo’s new well log service

Well log library now holds 850,000 logs and images. Digitizing on demand service for subscribers.

Austin, TX-based Drilling Info has announced the ‘Well Log Network’, a new well log digitization subscription service. Subscribers can digitize, access, and trade well logs and gain access to a library of well logs and images for research, as well as to a catalog of relevant log files. The Drilling Info Well Log Library holds over 850,000 well logs and images ready for download. Subscribers can license third-party files and earn royalties on the files that are created from their own well logs.


Drilling Info CEO Allen Gilmer said, ‘We have expanded the value of Drilling Info for our subscribers by integrating digitization with our web-based content delivery.’ Subscription rates are based on company size and digitization pricing is tied to subscription level.

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