ATI, PeakStream announce GPU-based powerhouse

New hardware leverages graphics processors to speed seismic processing by claimed 20x.

Targeting inter-alia the seismic processing market, graphics chipmaker ATI Technologies has teamed with PeakStream to further commercial adoption of its ‘stream computing’ technology. ATI is also working with AMD to develop a stream computing co-processor based on its Torrenza chipset. Stream computing uses graphics processors (GPU) to solve complex computational problems.


ATI CEO Dave Orton said, ‘Today’s graphics processors are capable of processing more than just graphics. They are capable parallel processors, ideally suited for scientific and business applications.’

Monte Carlo

ATI processors running on the PeakStream platform have shown up to a 26 fold speed up in Monte Carlo simulations and have accelerated seismic processing by ‘as much as 20 times’.


PeakStream CEO Neil Knox added ‘PeakStream cost-effectively converts GPU into powerful computing engines for exponentially increased application performance. Companies can now program ATI’s high performance graphics processors for accelerated processing of non-graphics tasks. Stream computing has recently been adopted in Stanford University’s folding@home—a protein folding equivalent of the SETI project.

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