EDS ‘unveils’ Drilling Planner Suite

Earth Decision Sciences now offers well planning and cost analysis to GoCad users.

Earth Decision Sciences has just released its ‘new’ Drilling Planner Suite (DPS), an extension to its flagship GoCad modeling environment a.k.a. Earth Decision Suite. DPS helps companies plan and modify stand-alone wells, multi-slot drilling platforms and sidetracks.


DPS lets users create well templates with default parameters that can be changed to match drilling and platform specifications, collision risk cutoffs and survey data. An ‘extended module’ offers side track planning, path uncertainty, collision risk analysis and better well trajectory planning. DPS workflows include information gathering and engineering design, target selection and uncertainty and collision risk analysis. DPS also supports cost evaluations over a variety of scenarios of targets, paths and locations – allowing for fine grained control over costs at all stages of a drilling campaign.


DPS is not really ‘new’. EDS announced a ‘Well and Platform Design’ (WPD) module for GoCad back in January 2003 (OITJ Vol 8 N°1), a joint development with University of Colorado’s BP Center for Visualization.

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