Sun, Streamline build Intersect system

High Performance Computing solution is tuned to Schlumberger/Chevron next generation simulator.

Schlumberger is to deploy a high-performance Linux cluster from Sun Microsystems to develop its ‘Intersect’ next-generation reservoir simulator. Intersect, developed in collaboration with Chevron and Total targets thermal simulation to improve recovery from heavy oil reservoirs. The project will migrate Schlumberger’s ECLIPSE simulator to a scalable, ‘non-proprietary’ cluster system.

Sun Fire

The cluster is comprised of 64 dual cpu Opteron-based Sun Fire V20z servers running 64 bit RedHat Linux, along with cluster management and performance tools from Streamline Computing. The package embeds ‘essential open system components’ into high-performance, scalable systems. Sun and AMD will provide a range of hardware and technical expertise over the next 12 months.


The system was preconfigured in Sun’s Customer Ready Systems (CRS) integration centre in Linlithgow, Scotland, where the configured cluster was tested prior to delivery in three assembled racks. Streamline was spun-off from Warwick and Oxford Universities in 2000. To date the company has delivered over 150 MyriNet and Gigabit clusters to many blue-chip organizations in the UK.

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