EnCana boosts Digital Oilfield deployment

Company to deploy OpenInvoice and Open Contract through ‘multi-year’ corporate license.

EnCana has expanded its implementation of Digital Oilfield’s (DO) automated invoice processing and reconciliation software tools, OpenInvoice and OpenContract, with a ‘multi-year’ corporate license. EnCana first deployed DO’s solution in 2002 (OITJ Vol. 7 N°11). The latest announcement covers an extension of the service to include DO’s OpenContract and OpenInvoice Image. OpenContract reconciles invoice pricing automatically and offers suppliers ‘early pay’ discounts. OpenInvoice Image creates digital invoices from scanned images.


EnCana CIO Hayward Walls said, ‘We have realized tremendous value from Digital Oilfield’s technology. We are now extending the term of our agreement and adding more modules. We are also bringing in more suppliers and transacting higher percentages of expenditures and invoice volume through the system.’


The Image add-on module extends the digital workflow to manually-submitted invoices. Paper images are scanned and can then integrate the same processing, routing and approval as electronic invoices. OpenContract adds pricing reconciliation, early pay discount management, and contract lifecycle management capability.


Other DigitalOilfield users include ARC Energy Trust, Unocal, Schlumberger Oilfield Systems and OFS Portal members. DigitalOilfield uses API/PIDX invoicing standards for direct ERP to ERP invoicing.

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