WellDynamics smart wells for BP Angola

Shell/Halliburton joint venture is to supply intelligent completions for Greater Plutonia supergiant.

BP has awarded the Shell/Halliburton joint venture WellDynamics a contract for the provision of multiple ‘intelligent’ completions on its Angolan deepwater Greater Plutonia development. WellDynamics will supply its ‘SmartWell’ downhole flow control and completion equipment for water management on Plutonia’s five constituent fields.


Half of Plutonia’s 40 wells will be used for water injection to maintain reservoir pressure and to assure sweep efficiency. SmartWell completions are a key enabler in this context since most injectors will be completed in separate channel sands. SmartWell technology offers well lifetime monitoring and control of injected volumes by completion interval. Other applications of the technology may include gas injection and production allocation control.


WellDynamics was formed in 2000 by the fusion of Halliburton’s SmartWell techniques with Shell’s iWell program.

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