Abu Dhabi’s ADCO is rolling out P2 Energy Solutions Enterprise Upstream production and terminal manager to track inventories and OPEC goals.

The Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations (ADCO) is to deploy P2 Energy Solutions’ Enterprise Upstream (EU) suite for production and terminal management and to support planning and engineering. EU is a web-based system that integrates with existing ERP systems to add business intelligence and reporting functionality.


ADCO IT Manager Ali Bamakhrama said, ‘Enterprise Upstream allows us to plan, manage and track production and exports. We are also working with P2 Energy Solutions to deploy other products that will improve our workflows and lower operating costs.’


P2ES president Tarig Anani said, ‘This agreement gives ADCO access to our robust allocation engine offering multiple units of measure and support for the measurement and analysis needed for ADCO’s complex operations.’

Volume management

EU will also support ADNOC’s production, inventory and volume measurements as well as downstream operations. The Terminal Management module manages tank inventories and party lifting positions. The software integrates ADNOC’s main production system and tracks OPEC and other goals with actual and forecast production.

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