ESRI, ER Mapper step on each other’s toes

As ESRI expands into the imagery market, ER Mapper reciprocates by moving in on enterprise GIS.

Competition is hotting-up in the GIS/geospatial imagery market. In the red corner, ER Mapper has expanded its geospatial imaging solution to embrace GIS and internet map deployment. In the blue corner, GIS behemoth ESRI now offers a geospatial image server.

Internet Map

Australian ER Mapper’s Internet Map offers rapid access to Terabyte image datasets of maps and imagery, integrated with search engines and georeferenced databases.


ER Mapper CEO Stuart Nixon said, ‘ER Mapper now offers full-blown GIS features such as transparent layers and overlay of location-based information from different search and geolocation services.’


ESRI’s Image Server moves in on ER Mapper’s bailiwick by offering visualization of large file-based imagery, with real time image enhancement, orthorectification and complex image mosaicing. The server enables the creation of web-based solutions that integrate geospatial imagery with the GIS. ESRI’s Image Server supports foreign GIS formats including ERDAS, Intergraph, MapInfo and CAD software including AutoCAD and MicroStation.

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