Schlumberger, Sense team on OSC design

Companies collaborate on customizable interactive drilling Operations Support Centers.

Schlumberger and Norway-based Sense Intellifield are to collaborate on the design and deployment of real time drilling operation centers. The ‘Operation Support Centers’ (OSCs) are tailored to client requirements using ‘proven and scalable’ components. The announcement was made at the Offshore Europe 2005 tradeshow in Aberdeen this month. Schlumberger is to provide operations management and technical services including interpretation software, connectivity, data management and security. Sense will provide design, construction, commissioning, hardware and system support services.


Schlumberger claims a decade of experience in drilling optimization from its in-house OSCs which leverage its realtime drilling software. The announcement follows a long-term collaboration between Sense and Schlumberger with some 120 real-time centers already built.


Sense worked with Statoil in 2002 on its first drilling operation support center in Stjørdal for the Halten Nordland area. Since then Statoil has established other centers for Norwegian and international operations.


Statoil senior advisor Peter Nielsen said, “Statoil uses collaborative real-time environments to remotely monitor, model, and control processes to optimize drilling. In the Åsgaard field, Schlumberger is providing seamless 24/7 support between the field and Statoil’s Stjørdal center and Schlumberger’s centers in Aberdeen and Stavanger.’


Schlumberger now has 27 drilling operation centers worldwide. These provide secure access to Schlumberger’s InterAct real-time monitoring and data delivery technology.


Paal Kibsgaard, president, Drilling & Measurements, Schlumberger, said, ‘We provide the flexibility to run real-time operations from the customer’s center, our center or a combination of both, to optimize the drilling process by reducing cost and risk. Moving forward, we want to leverage this collaboration to offer industry-leading real-time drilling operation centers. With this agreement we are offering customers the strongest interactive drilling operation solution in the market.’

Sense Intellifield

Sense Intellifield has built over 80 remote drilling operation centers in the North Sea and elsewhere. Sense Intellifield offers equipment and services for the automation and remote operation of offshore installations. This allows customers to transfer working processes to land-based sites, enabling efficiency gains.

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