Roxar, Statoil step up real time R&D

FieldWatch real-time data integration project gets cash injection from Petromaks state-fund.

Roxar’s FieldWatch project is the beneficiary of ‘multi-million’ dollar funding from the Norwegian Research Council’s ‘Petromaks’ R&D program. FieldWatch promises real-time integration of production data with reservoir characterization and fluid flow simulators, notably Roxar’s Irap RMS.


Petromaks is assisting the Norwegian government in the implementation of its strategy ‘Oil and Gas in the 21st century’ initiative (OG21). OG21 is said to address the needs of oil companies, the supply and service industries and the petroleum-related R&D sector.


Funding for the FieldWatch project comes equally from Roxar, Petromaks and Statoil. Statoil senior advisor Eilsø Nilsen said, ‘This project is aligned with our vision of becoming a leader in the use of integrated operation concepts through R&D that targets improved methods and tools.’


Petter Abrahamsen, Director of the Norwegian Computing Center (NCC), a partner in the FieldWatch initiative, said, ‘This cooperation with Roxar and Statoil will allow us to maintain and further develop our geostatistical reservoir characterization and integrated risk analysis capabilities.’

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