Blue Marble’s off-the-shelf map server

OGIS and EPSG standards leveraged in new, low cost internet mapping package.

Blue Marble Geographics (BMG) has just released an off-the-shelf internet map server – the Blue Marble GeoMapServer (GMS). GMS is an Open GIS Consortium-compliant re-write of BMG’s BeyondGeo MapServe. GMS includes a web mapping server, a map creation and display tool, and a customizable web interface for on-line display of maps. The product will also shortly be leveraged as the new BeyondGeo IMS Service as currently hosted by Blue Marble today.


“The great thing about GeoMapServer is its scalability,” stated Blue Marble’s President Patrick Cunningham. “If you’re looking to create cutting edge Internet mapping this is the product for you. Its open architecture will encourage users to develop new applications on top of the mapserver and we are all for that!”


Blue Marble’s Kris Berglund told Oil IT Journal, ‘GMS embeds the European Petroleum Survey Group (EPSG). Based on the popularity of our other products in the Oil and Gas Industry and our low price point we expect to have some adopters soon.’


Blue Marble is to offer GeoMapServer at ‘a fraction’ of the cost of ESRI’s IMS package. The standard license model also offers ‘affordable pricing’ for developers creating new products or services. Blue Marble claims 130,000 customers.

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