Letters to the Editor

Our short piece on the Recall OpenSpirit link in last month’s Oil IT Journal raised a few hackles...

A propos of our piece on Recall and OpenSpirit in last month’s Journal, Chris Hamley (Petris) writes—‘I don’t know where this misinformed stuff came from. You refer to a prototype Recall server that we wrote for OpenSpirit three years ago. This was successfully demonstrated to several clients. This did not use the OpenSpirit dev kit. Today, OpenSpirit is integrating Recall as a data source for OpenSpirit, using our development kit and software support services. Later this year, Recall data will be accessible from any OpenSpirit
enabled application.’

OpenSpirit CEO Dan Piette adds, ‘We are in the process of writing a Recall data server. Yes, it was probably complicated to write a data server in the past, which is why we did it ourselves. And yes we have purchased a dev kit to write a Recall data server. So soon Recall will be serving up data to any application that is OpenSpirit enabled.’

David Gorsuch (SIS) points out that the first version of Ocean was the 2003 ‘North Sea’ release. The ‘Atlantic’ release is due out at the end of 2005.

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