MRO jumps on web services bandwagon

Web Services Interoperability compliance announced for Maximo Enterprise Suite.

MRO Software’s Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)-based solution, Maximo Enterprise Suite (MXES) has met the requirements of the Web Services Interoperability Organization’s (WS-I) Basic Profile. MXES claims to be one of the first enterprise software applications to leverage SOA architecture. The WS-I compliant web services framework is embedded into the MXES platform. Customers can deploy web services for all MXES processes and can also add their own custom processes to the platform.

WS-I interoperability

WS-I is an open industry organization chartered to promote interoperability across platforms, operating systems and programming languages.


MRO Software executive VP Jack Young said, ‘We are pleased to be one of the first application software vendors to offer an SOA solution that has achieved WS-I compliancy. A lot of hype has surrounded SOA and Web services, so it’s important to share with customers and prospects the real benefits of these standards. A web services based solution like MXES can provide a big competitive advantage over older or partially modified systems and processes.’

Proof of pudding

Of course a web services solution from a single vendor misses the point. What industry is really after is cross-vendor interoperability. MRO Software appears to have addressed this issue too, with a position paper on Maximo and SAP Netweaver integration. Moreover, SAP also claims WS-I compliance for Netweaver. Is this interoperability Nirvana or what?

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