Wellogix first out of SAP starting blocks

Netweaver certification set to make upstream e-commerce plug and play with SAP.

Wellogix has achieved SAP NetWeaver certification for a new version of its eField Ticket oil country e-commerce solution. The certification has been awarded for Wellogix’ Complex Services Management solution. Additional components will be certified in the near future.


Complex Services Management (CSM) is a complete end-to end solution for the planning, procurement and payment of complex oil field services. Running in the Netweaver Enterprise Portal, CSM is designed for deployment across a company’s engineering, procurement and financial functions. Customers using Wellogix CSM have achieved an average of 67% reduction in costs for payment processing. By utilizing NetWeaver technology, Wellogix is able to offer a complete web services based business solution that can be leveraged by a client’s Enterprise Services Architecture (ESA) strategy.


Wellogix CEO Ike Epley said, ‘Last year, we introduced the CSM suite to global energy companies. By participating in the adoption of SAP’s NetWeaver and developing the CSM suite on the NetWeaver platform, we are able to offer our customers significant business benefits derived from the latest SAP enterprise integration capabilities.’ Wellogix has received the ‘Powered by NetWeaver’ certification and has been an official SAP partner since March 2005.


Epley added, ‘Many energy companies are embracing NetWeaver, which was a real factor in our decision to build CSM on the SAP NetWeaver platform. SAP NetWeaver allows Wellogix to combine our industry expertise with a leading technology-enabling business solution. This new business package offers our customers a high-value solution with lower total cost of ownership.’

eField Ticket

The ‘Powered by SAP NetWeaver’ certification was awarded to Wellogix’ eField Ticket Service 5.0 which has been certified for J2EE deployment on SAP WebAS 6.40 and for Business Package integration into Enterprise Portal 6.0. Wellogix is now in the process of certifying its business processes that use the XI (eXchange Infrastructure) content standard and the PIDX (Petroleum Industry Data eXchange) standards.

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