Emerson predicts equipment failure

New ‘Predictive Analyst’ software monitors performance and forecasts future performance.

New technology from Emerson Process Management (EPM) promises to predict future performance of mechanical and process equipment. Version 4.0 of Emerson’s AMS Suite Equipment Performance Monitor (AMS PM) introduces a predictive analytical capability that supports proactive maintenance strategies, leading to increased plant availability and performance, and reduced maintenance costs. The new release expands the predictive technology that powers Emerson’s PlantWeb digital plant architecture.


Typical AMS PM deployments include predicting the date when a steam turbine’s performance degrades by 10MW from the current value, or when a gas turbine’s performance will decrease to 2% below design. AMS PM analyzes current performance of equipment as compared with original design, and then predicts how equipment will be operating in future months.


EPM Asset Optimization unit president Craig Llewellyn said, ‘We are constantly looking at methods and technological advantages to help customers run their process more efficiently and save both operational and maintenance costs. This latest version of AMS Performance Monitor provides another mechanism to enable the move to proactive maintenance. The Predictive Analyst capability maximizes the benefits of looking ahead and planning maintenance strategies to improve the availability of critical plant assets.’

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