ROMeo deployed in Kazakh plant PDMS

SimSci-Esscor’s modeling and simulation package now offers consistency across plant lifecycle.

Invensys unit SimSci-Esscor has just released a new version of its ROMeo plant modeling and optimisation package. ROMeo 4.0 promises greater ease-of-use and productivity and a common environment across off-line and on-line simulation applications. ROMeo is deployed in refineries, petrochemical plants, and other process facilities.


ROMeo is now integrated within SimSci-Esscor’s SIM4ME modeling environment providing a consistent user interface, common data model, consistent thermodynamics and common software modules across all simulation applications. All of which increases productivity while minimizing operator training needs.


SimSci-Esscor EMEA Sales Manager David Whittaker told Oil IT Journal, ‘Oil refining and upstream oil and gas are our main areas of focus and most of the major oil companies are users of our software. ROMeo is currently being implemented, along with some of our other software, in a Production Data Management System (PDMS) for a large oil and gas production, gathering and processing facility in Kazakhstan and for a production planning and optimization tool in Norway. ROMeo provides data reconciliation and rigorous process modeling functions and also has the capability for on-line (closed-loop) or loop advisory (open-loop) optimization.’


‘Our SIM4ME technology is the core of our Operator Training Simulator (OTS) offering and is used on a number of upstream applications, notably for several FPSOs. SIM4ME incorporates our first-principles dynamic process simulator, DynSim, along with the architecture to enable various calculation engines, including those from third parties, to be combined into a single modeling system,’ Whittaker concluded.


ROMeo’s patented technology provides users with a ‘focused strategy’ of data re-use across the full range of simulation applications, from steady state process design to dynamic simulation and optimization. A PRO/II process model can be run from within ROMeo application, allowing users to take existing off-line models on-line for performance monitoring and optimization, while retaining equity in previously developed models.

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