Interviews—Art Paradis, Bjorn Wygrala

Dynamic Graphics’ EarthVision to enhance well planning. IES has 70% of 3D basin modeling market.

Art Paradis (CEO, Dynamic Graphics)—We have been working with Baker Hughes on ‘next generation’ well panning software. This will allow better handling of faults and geomechanics during well planning, letting drillers control the angle of attack with respect to potential hazards such as faults.

OITJ—Whose geomechanics do you use?

Paradis—Baker Huges is supplying this technology which will also add torque and drag calculation to our mainstream product. OITJ—What about real time?

Paradis—Earth Vision can import real time data. The current version uses an internal Baker Hughes format, but we are working on a WITSML-based protocol. We have to, BP is our biggest client!

OITJ—What are your selling points?

Paradis—Structural accuracy, complex faults ‘as nature intended.’ The thorny problem of multiple z-values is handled gracefully and simply. We also have great connectivity with reservoir simulators. We were a founding member of the RESCUE initiative, which has been a great success, providing rich contacts with other vendors.


Bjorn Wygrala (CEO, IES)—IES has doubled its revenue in three years adding companies like ENI/AGIP, Petronas, Sinopec and Woodside. We now have around 70% of the 3D market (Beicip-Franlab is the only challenger). Basin modeling is now part of workflow because source rocks are the main exploration risk. We now link to structural modeling, through our association with Midland Valley. This is driving sales of our 2D package that works in thrust belts.

OITJ—How do you sell ‘risk’?

Wygrala—Our PetroRisk add on is technologically advanced. Such that we have to educate our clients—asking if they can really trust their models. PetroRisk uses computer clusters to run multiple 1D/2D or 3D analyses many times—to check if the initial results were a fluke. Tornado plots show which uncertainties dominate the analysis. Chevron is a ‘power user’ of our tools—along with its in-house software. PetroRisk is due for release in a year.

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