Paradigm’s SolidGeo 3D models ‘as quick as maps’

‘Breakthrough technology’ moves structural modeling from expert to average Joe geologist!

Paradigm is claiming a breakthrough for new technology that helps automate the structural modeling process. Model building, once the preserve of the expert, is now accessible to the interpreter, thanks to a new release of Paradigm’s SolidGeo 3D modeling solution.


Paradigm has spent over a decade developing, using and mastering the complex modeling technology. Extensive experience in a wide variety of geological regimes has been gained from the use of SolidGeo technology in all of Paradigm’s velocity model building and time-to-depth conversion solutions. SolidGeo now enables interpreters to create 3D models as quickly as they make maps.


Paradigm VP Phil Neri said, ‘The ability to present a comprehensive, 3D model of the interpreted data greatly enhances the geological accuracy of the interpretation. It facilitates a unified and geometrically-consistent approach for the integration of geological and geophysical data, and helps reduce the risk of missing a drilling target or a dry hole.’


Paradigm’s technology leverages its Epos 3 SE infrastructure which enables integrated line, volume and spatial interpretation, mapping and solid model building in a single 3D window. Epos allows interpreters to create a solid model concurrently with interpretation, and refine it as their insight progresses. More on Paradigm’s solutions in our Interviews on page 3 of this issue.

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