Paradigm markets IFP inversion technology

French Petroleum Institute’s software marketing strategy shifts from traditional outlet.

The French Petroleum Institute (IFP) has signed with Paradigm for the commercialization of its Stratigraphic Inversion (SI) package. The IFP’s software will be integrated with Paradigm’s Epos data infrastructure. SI extends traditional seismic inversion methods by integrating ‘soft’ constraints such as geology, ‘a priori’ knowledge and data uncertainties.


Paradigm’s Anat Canning said, ‘This represents a step-change in the development and use of seismic inversion as a natural extension of seismic imaging and AVO projects. The opportunities to exploit this advanced technology are now at the fingertips of every G&G professional”.


IFP VP Gérard Friès added, ‘SI incorporates years of research into stratigraphic inversion applied to reservoir model building and the optimization of well locations and geologic targets.’ The deal with Paradigm marks a departure from the IFP’s usual software outlet, Beicip-Franlab.

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