GeoLogic opens Calgary data center

Nine clients already signed-up for the PPDM-based secure E&P information system.

Calgary-based geoLogic has opened a new data center in Calgary and teamed with reservoir engineering consultants Epic Consulting Services. The geoLogic Data Center (gDC) is an online exploration information system providing clients with access to what is claimed as ‘the most current petroleum data available.’


GeoLogic President David Hood said, ‘The gDC offers customers fast data delivery, a PPDM-based database and fully redundant backup and automated failover.’ Nine companies have committed to use the gDC to securely store and manage their proprietary data.


GeoLogic and Calgary-based Epic have joined forces on a new integrated software release of Epic’s products ResSurveil, ResBalance and ResWorks with the GeoScout data management solution.

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