Apache describes OpenSpirit deployment

Middleware connects Petrel to OpenWorks. ‘Aggressive’ deployment to follow Aberdeen pilot.

The latest issue of OpenSpirit Corp’s newsletter reports that Apache Corp. has been using OpenSpirit to link its Petrel interpretation software to its OpenWorks database. Although Apache is a Landmark shop in Houston, Schlumberger’s Petrel has gained a foothold in Aberdeen and more ‘aggressive’ deployment is planned at the head office.


Apache project leader Claire Andrews said, ‘We are starting to leverage our technical alliance with Schlumberger to determine the most efficient way of using Petrel in our data management activities. We first thought of OpenSpirit as a linking mechanism, but it’s clear that it’s actually a robust solution in its own right and is an essential part of our Petrel deployment.’

Coordinate transformation

Apache appreciates the OpenSpirit query functions, ArcView access and its ability to handle ‘aggressive’ coordinate transformations. Andrews commends OpenSpirit’s use of the original software’s APIs when talking to other databases, ‘In OpenWorks, OpenSpirit calls native utilities so we know we are getting the correct information. We also like its use of Oracle security to write back to the database.


Apache is now working with OpenSpirit to pull cultural data from Z-MAP–connecting users to the GIS world. Andrews explained, ‘Users can leverage map-based selection procedures to highlight and collect data, rather than relying on traditional tabular selectors to move the data into Petrel.’

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