Paradigm rolls-out Geolog 6.6

The well log package offers native Windows support and a WITSML link for real-time geosteering.

Paradigm has just released a new version of it Geolog well log and petrophysical package. Geolog 6.6 includes native Windows support, automated seismic facies classification, horizontal well support and image log interpretation.


Paradigm’s Sysdrill is now fully integrated with Geolog and ‘OpsLink,’ a branded WITSML data receiver allows for the integration of real-time data into the well planning and geosteering process. Paradigm claims that Geolog is used by over 70% of oil and service providers worldwide. The Windows port ‘eases deployment while maintaining multi-vendor interoperability.’

Epos 3 SE

Paradigm has also upgraded its Epos 3 data infrastructure with improved support for structural interpretation. Epos 3 Second Edition combines volume-based and traditional interpretation methods, letting users perform line, volume and spatial interpretation concurrently. Epos 3SE offers dynamic 3D project management, with support for any combination of 2D and 3D seismic datasets. Red Hat Linux, Solaris and SGI Irix are supported.

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