Hunt goes for Overland Storage system

Hunt’s backups took over two days with its legacy system. Overland’s REO has cut this to 8 hours.

Hunt Petroleum has selected Overland Storage to provide a ‘comprehensive solution’ for data archival, backup and recovery. Overland’s REO 4000 backup and recovery appliance will be deployed with the NEO 2000 tape library to store Hunt’s geophysical data. Hunt’s data storage requirements are rising by 30 % annually, straining existing storage resources.


As Hunt Petroleum’s Darrin Edgerton says, ‘We were running out of disk space on our primary storage array, while backup and recovery operations took far too long. REO and NEO give us the flexibility to grow our Windows, Linux and Unix tier-two storage on-the-fly, while reducing our backup and recovery window by more than 60%.’

Two day backup

Hunt’s old system was taking over two days to perform full backup to tape, encroaching on production time. The REO/NEO system performs a full disk-to-disk-to-tape (D2D2T) backup in about eight hours. Legato backup and recovery software restores the system ‘almost instantaneously.’


Disk-speed data recovery leverages Hunt’s Fibre Channel-based Windows/UNIX storage area network (SAN). Edgerton plans to offload tier-two storage onto the REO to maximize F-CAL use. The system is now being tailored to support disaster recovery and ensure business continuance—particularly in respect of regulatory requirements.

Serial ATA

REO 4000 incorporates high-capacity, serial ATA disks, specialized management and virtualization software, iSCSI and F-CAL connectivity, and RAID 5. Modules support up to 26 SDLT or 30 LTO cartridge slots and up to two tape drives of up to 15.6 TB capacity. Overland Storage value-added reseller Dallas Digital Services facilitated the sale.

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