Petrosys’ spatial and structured query

Volker Hirsinger explains how Petrosys uses PPDM, Oracle Spatial and ArcSDE in mapping solution.

In a paper presented at the 2005 EAGE convention in Madrid, Petrosys MD Volker Hirsinger highlighted the ‘persistent gap’ between the spatial centric data management work of GIS focused teams and the business centric efforts of IT. Overlapping data sets with inconsistent data structures and integrity rules are one characteristic of a ‘cultural divide’, which leads to duplication in data management effort, compromising applications functionality.

Petrosys map

Because this ‘uncertain area of responsibility’ is at the heart of Petrosys’ mapping business, the company has developed extensions to the PPDM 3.7 data model to consolidate spatial and business data into a single source of information. Petrosys bridges the divide between spatial data in systems like ArcSDE and business data in standard Oracle applications.


By storing data across PPDM, Oracle Spatial and ArcSDE, structured query on spatial data becomes a reality. Queries such as ‘find wells that intersect the TA-5 sand with more than 10ft. of pay,’ can be answered.

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