Halliburton’s Calgary ‘center of excellence’

Calgary real-time asset management system declared center of reservoir engineering excellence.

Halliburton has opened a reservoir modeling ‘center of excellence’ in Calgary. The center will provide expertise in the areas of reservoir characterization, geostatistical and geocellular modeling, numerical simulation and production optimization.


Halliburton VP David Ackert said, ‘This service offering combines the latest in Halliburton’s real-time asset management solutions with an extensive reservoir knowledge base. We can now deliver integrated field development studies from reservoir description through to drilling and completions, production enhancement and production management services.’


The center of excellence is staffed by personnel from Halliburton’s Digital and Consulting Solutions (DCS) division and claims expertise in non conventional plays including coalbed methane, tight gas, enhanced oil recovery and heavy oil.


Local DCS manager Brad Bechtold added, ‘There is a need for specialized expertise to address the growing challenges across the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. The new center emphasizes Halliburton’s commitment to the Canadian oil industry.’

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