Remote, real time wellbore stability enabled

WITSML pioneer BP demonstrates interoperability with Inteq and Knowledge Systems data flows.

BP has successfully conducted remote well surveillance of operations on an offshore Trinidad well from its Houston offices. Logging while drilling and other real time data from the rig floor, collected in legacy WITS, was transmitted via Baker Hughes’ RigLink to a WITSML server located at Baker Hughes Inteq’s Port of Spain headquarters.


BP’s Matthew Kirkman said, ‘The WITSML standard turns cross-application data transfer into a plug-and-play routine. We appreciate the efforts of Inteq and KS as they continue to apply WITSML to new workflows of significant value to industry.’


To monitor drilling conditions in real time, BP used Knowledge Systems’ (KS) Drillworks wellbore stability package. This collected data from the Inteq server in Trinidad using KS’ ConnectML—a branded WITSML implementation. BP’s engineers were able to compute and update wellbore stability models in real time as new data flowed in from the well.

Image logs

In a future phase of operations, Inteq is to transmit real-time wellbore imagery to BP for real time validation of the wellbore stability model. See page 7 of this issue for more on WITSML interoperability.

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