Interop test shows web services’ worth

POSC CEO David Archer reports on a successful test of WITSML exchange between new suppliers.

During the Houston WITSML public meeting last month, lunchtime interoperability test was conducted to see how easily newcomers to the standard could interface with established data providers.


Twelve POSC WITSML SIG members present at the exhibition were connected over a local area network (LAN). During setup, several exhibitors recognized that they could ‘see’ other exhibitors on the LAN. Within a very short period of time, and with virtually no work, exhibitors were successfully exchanging WITSML messages.


Two WITSML newcomers, Wellstorm Development and Jibe Networks, were able to interoperate with established SIG participants Sense Intellifield, Smith Bits, Halliburton/Landmark, Knowledge Systems Inc, SDC Geologix and POSC. A telling demonstration of the fact that web services technology ‘just works’!


An informal poll of attendees and vendors showed that both were enthusiastic about the exhibition and the progress of the WITSML Standard over the past two years. Both groups gave strong endorsements for similar seminars and exhibitions at future WITSML meetings. Statoil and Hydro will host the next WITSML SIG and Public Meetings in Norway on the 15-18th November.

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