Three new tools from Roxar

New products cover fracture permeability modeling, fault seal evaluation and well correlation.

Roxar’s software developers have been working overtime! The Norwegian geo-modeling and simulation specialist is ramping up its software offering in preparation of a fall IPO and has just released no less than three additions to Irap Reservoir Modeling System (RMS). The new tools target fracture and permeability modeling, fault seal analysis and well correlation.


The new fracture modeling package, FracPerm lets geologists and reservoir engineers incorporate fracture modeling into 3D modeling and simulation. Roxar claims an ‘industry first’ for the integration of fracture modeling with the standard 3D workflow.


By incorporating fracture networks within 3D modeling, geologists and engineers can assess complex fractures using either a simple four-step, ‘straight-to-grid’ route or a discrete fracture network (DFN) model.


Roxar CEO, Sandy Esslemont, said, ‘Fracture modeling is often regarded as an esoteric, specialized workflow, despite the fact that fractures are present in major oil fields throughout the world. FracPerm brings fracture modeling into the mainstream with an intuitive, integrated package.’


Fracture and permeability models can be integrated with existing 3D reservoir models created in Roxar’s Irap RMS using RMSopen—an integration toolkit for in-house or third party applications.


The second new tool, RMSFaultseal allows fault seal analysis to be included in the reservoir modeling workflow. Fault properties such as shale gouge, smear factor and user-defined properties are used to estimate fault transmissibility. Results can be exported to Roxar’s RMSflowsim black oil simulator or RMSstream, single-phase streamline analysis tool. Roxar partnered with Leeds University’s Rock Deformation Research group to develop the new tool.


Finally, Roxar has broadened its interpretation footprint with the addition of a well correlation module, RMSwellstrat which is said to allow interpreters to handle complex geology and well geometries in a truly 3D environment. The software includes log and well picks calculators and export to mapping packages.

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