Baker sells Recall to Petris

The well log data management package will be extended with Petris WINDS middleware and adaptors. A new hosted version will be available though Petris ‘Software as a Service’ offering.

Houston-based Petris Technology has acquired the Recall well log storage and analysis package from Baker Hughes’ Atlas unit for an undisclosed amount. Under the deal, Petris assumes world-wide responsibility for the Recall business including software development, sales and support.


Baker acquired Recall from its founders John Zangwill and Craig Shields back in 1998. The log database, known especially for its pioneering work with image logs, was re-launched last year (OITJ Vol. 9. N°6). Recall 5.0 introduced a port to Windows and enhanced interoperability thanks to an ODBC driver and new ‘RecallML’ data access interface.


Previous work for Anadarko led to an interface between Recall and the PetrisWINDS Enterprise (PWE) data management infrastructure for internal deployment. For hosted, application service provision deployment, Petris’ ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) offering allows Recall applications and data editing tools to be delivered via the internet on a rental basis.


Petris CEO Jim Pritchett said, ‘We have a great track record of developing flexible, vendor-neutral platforms that improve our customers’ ability to leverage their data. Recall is an industry-leading well log data management system and PWE adds the ability to search, view and analyze data from a range of applications. SaaS brings our innovative deployment technology to Recall users.’


Recall VP Sales, Neal Morgan, told Oil IT Journal, ‘This is great news for us. We always felt a bit uncomfortable in Baker Atlas, which didn’t really understand the software business. There is great synergy between Petris and Recall, especially the data adaptors. We will carry on investing in the product with a GIS interface and more will be revealed at the user group in October.’


Recall is the log data
management system embedded in Landmark’s Petrobank. Open Spirit is currently working on a data server for Recall under contract for Shell (see page 9 of this issue). Recall clients include ExxonMobil, Shell, BP, BG Group and Total. PWE flagship clients include Pemex and Saudi Aramco.


Petris CTO Jeff Pferd recently gave an interview to Oil IT Journal to be published next month. Pferd describes early work on XML and loosely coupled systems that led to the Petris Winds patented technology and service-oriented architectures.

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