New browser and spatial information system

GeoLogic Systems announces land data browser and Alberta spatial information system—SPIN 2.

GeoLogic Systems has just released a land browser system for the Canadian oil and gas industry. The browser combines the latest freehold land information from the Government of Alberta with landholder-specific information available through GeoScout, GeoLogic’s proprietary exploration database. A new User Land database has been integrated with GeoScout to help users track and update their land holdings.


GeoLogic president David Hood said, ‘These elements combine to offer the best land browsing system in Western Canada. Our integrated model will also provide a template for the development of similar systems in other markets, nationally and internationally.’


Earlier this year, GeoLogic became the first authorized industry vendor of freehold land information under the Spatial Information System Version 2 (SPIN 2) Volume Data provisions of the Alberta government. SPIN makes freehold land information available to the industry direct from the government database, but excludes landholder names. GeoLogic has added landholder-specific information gathered directly from landholders and is the first company to combine the two elements.

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