Low cost downhole gauge from DoE

Real-time temperature and pressure data transmitted through ‘stress waves’ in pipe string.

A US Department of Energy (DoE) backed consortium has developed a low-cost ‘real-time downhole gauge’ suitable for deployment in low rate, ‘stripper wells’. The Stripper Well Consortium is funded by the DoE’s National Energy Technology Laboratory’s Strategic Center for Natural Gas and Oil. The consortium has developed 55 new technologies of which some ‘are approaching commercialization.’

Wireless downhole gauge

The latest technology, developed by Tubel Technologies of Houtson, is a downhole wireless gauge. This uses ‘stress waves’ in the pipe string to communicate throughout the wellbore. The tool currently monitors temperature and pressure, but additional parameters can be added. This new technology can be used both in permanent and service applications. The wireless gauge can also provide reservoir evaluation with formation build up tests to optimize production and maximize the amount of hydrocarbon that can be extracted from the wellbore.

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