Xerox scans Sunoco’s 5,000,000 documents

Enterprise content management system to leverage Microsoft SharePoint Server portal.

US refiner Sunoco has contracted with Xerox Corp. for the digital management of its 5 million paper documents including contracts, asset blueprints, human resource records and invoices.


Sunoco office services manager Greg Wood said, ‘Xerox Global Services’ imaging and indexing has enabled us to regain control over our huge paper assets and will optimize our document access.’

35,000 documents/day

Sunoco will ship its documents to Xerox’s Imaging Services Center in Hot Springs, Ark. Xerox is to scan and index 35,000 documents a day into TIFF or PDF files. Images and index files will be stored onto a secure FTP site for web retrieval and burned onto DVDs for shipment back to Sunoco. The contract runs into 2006 and includes secure storage of the original hard copies at Xerox’ Imaging Services Center.


In addition to the scanning and indexing solution, Sunoco operations recently extended its consulting contract with Xerox for the next phase of its document-management strategy. Xerox is to extend its digital solution with Microsoft’s SharePoint portal software.

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