Merrick unveils Rig-Hand RFID tags

Shell is testing new radio frequency ID-tagged tubulars and bottom hole assemblies.

Merrick Systems has just announced its ‘Rig-Hand’ radio frequency identifier (RFID) tag-based downhole equipment monitoring system. Rig-Hand comprises ruggedized handheld computers, tag readers and software modules and is designed for ‘fast, accurate and consistent’ collection of information on downhole equipment for drilling, workover and completions operations. Rig-Hand deploys patented RFID tags embedded in downhole tubulars such as drill pipe, casing, production tubing and other bottom hole assembly components.


Merrick Director Ian Binmore said, ‘The pipe measuring method used on rigs today requires three to five people to measure, manually document and calculate pipe tallies. Rig-Hand lets one operator do this by scanning the pipe with a handheld computer that automatically provides the pipe tally. Rig-Hand provides critical drill string information that helps reduce pipe failures, fishing costs and downtime. The financial benefits are significant, from $70,000 to $1 million per rig per year.’


Technology partners Shell and Maverick Tubing will join Merrick in the first commercial test of Rig-Hand on a Southern California workover later this year. Factory installed RFID equipped will be deployed and tested with different Rig-Hand modules.

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