M2M Corp upgrades remote monitoring

Internet SCADA system links assets to knowledge workers, new service offers remote monitoring.

M2M Data Corporation has announced the second edition of its internet-based Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition package. M2M has also upgraded the M2M Service Platform, an end-to-end managed network for communicating data between remote assets, operators, and enterprise IT systems.


The new release optimizes network performance, particularly for slow connections such as dial-up and GPRS. Assets can be associated with individual users with reports and alarms tailored for shutdowns, data outages and KPI monitoring.

Status Alert

M2M also unveiled a new remote machinery monitoring service ‘Status Alert,’ providing run status, read out from local control panels and remote control. The satellite-based service, which was developed from M2M’s Compressor Alert service (OITJ Vol. 9 N° 7), is claimed to payout with one avoided site visit. StatusAlert monitors electronic flow measurement, takes one hour to install and operates for two years on an internal battery.

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