Petris becomes FileNet ECM partner

ValueNet program brings enterprise content management to science, engineering and finance.

Petris Technology has joined FileNet’s ValueNet partner program and now offers FileNet Consulting and added-value services in the scientific, engineering and financial fields. Petris also integrates FileNet’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) products with its Petris Winds Enterprise upstream data exchange infrastructure.The partnership expands Petris’ capabilities to address client needs ECM and unstructured data management.


FileNet VP Chas Kunkelmann said, ‘FileNet helps energy companies manage content in multiple repositories, inside applications, and at geographically-dispersed locations. For energy customers, Petris adds its knowledge of their distinctive content challenges. Together, we can help customers maximize the value of their existing content.’


According to Petris, a holistic approach to managing energy companies’ particular combination of structured, unstructured and geospatial information yields the best and most complete knowledge. Increasingly, content is integrated across functional areas and between geo-science and business functions.

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