SDC Geologix joins WITSML bandwagon

Sense Intellifield partners Geologix to commercialize ExxonMobil’s WITSML mud log extension.

SDC Geologix and Sense Intellifield have teamed to provide joint solutions for accessing real-time drilling data and on-time interpreted mudlog data, leveraging the WITSML standard. The joint solution combines Geologix’ GEO wellsite authoring suite which includes the WITSML/POSC Mudlog Object and Sense’s SiteCom .Net-based WITSML server. The solution is said to be web-accessible, scalable and affordable – even for onshore operations.


Geologix MD Samit Sengupta said, ‘This solution commingles streaming real-time drilling parameters and lag-corrected gas and lithology data, through the WITSML server, to give a fully integrated log. Stakeholders can access aggregated real-time drilling data and on-time interpreted mudlog data, to optimize wellsite operations and facilitate the integration and interpretation of their drilling and formation evaluation results.’


Bandwidth requirements are minimized by combining WITSML and GEO’s efficient update format. WITSML assures connectivity with corporate data stores and compatibility with other emerging WITSML applications. The WITSML mud log object was originally developed by ExxonMobil.

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